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At INNA, each dirndl is more than just a garment — it’s a piece of art designed to transform cherished moments into timeless memories. Inspired by the grace and elegance of women throughout history, INNA embodies a deep respect for tradition and a commitment to unmatched quality.
Founded by Inna (you can see her in the picture), a designer deeply passionate about tradition and style, the brand reflects her vision of blending high-quality fabrics with exceptional craftsmanship to create truly unique pieces. The name ‘INNA’ signifies ‘grace,’ a testament to the elegance seen in every woman who wears these creations.
Our dresses are meticulously crafted in limited editions, using premium textiles that not only ensure each piece is unique but also durable enough to be worn and cherished for years. Designed in the Netherlands and brought to life in a dedicated atelier in Poland by experienced tailors, every dirndl reflects an unparalleled level of artistry and precision.
Inna personally ensures that each dress captures the essence of timeless beauty and quality. Her dedication to maintaining traditional techniques while infusing contemporary elegance makes every INNA dirndl a lasting addition to your wardrobe.
INNA invites you to explore a world where tradition meets elegance. Allow these exquisite pieces to be part of your fondest moments. For any inquiries or to learn more about the collection, Inna warmly welcomes you to connect and discover more.
Experience the enduring charm and exceptional quality of INNA dirndls today.

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